Travel Advice For Beyond The Tracks

As you may be aware, there is no camping at Beyond The Tracks. We know that this means some of you will be staying in hotels overnight, or driving straight home after each day. However, for those of you who will want to be using public transport after the festival each day, we have compiled a list of train times out of Birmingham to various locations across the country.

This is by no means a definitive list, and we certainly encourage everyone to check your journeys yourselves before coming to the festival! However, it gives a brief overview of the last trains leaving Birmingham New Street station on each day of the festival. Here's the list:

LOCATION                           FRIDAY      SATURDAY        SUNDAY

Bristol Temple Meads          10:12pm            9:12pm           10:12pm

Coventry                              11:54pm            11:14pm           11:14pm

Derby                                   11:09pm            10:49pm         10:03pm

Gloucester                           11:00pm            9:12pm           10:41pm

Leicester                              10:22pm            10:22pm         9:52pm

Liverpool Lime Street          9:36pm              8:57pm         9:57pm

London Euston                     11:10pm            10:14pm          11:00pm

Manchester Piccadilly          11:09pm            10:31pm          9:57pm

Northampton                        11:10pm            10:54pm         11:00pm

Nottingham                          11:09pm            10:22pm         9:03pm

Oxford                                  10:04pm            9:04pm          9:05pm

(Alt. Moor Street)                10:15pm            8:45pm            9:18pm

Redditch                               11:12pm            11:12pm            11:15pm

Stafford                                11:09pm            10:39pm         10:55pm

Warwick Parkway                11:20pm            11:27pm            9:05pm

(Alt. Moor Street)                11:33pm            11:40pm            9:18pm

Wellington                           11:32pm            11:35pm            11:24pm

Worcester Shrub Hill           11:00pm            10:46pm          10:41pm

York                                      9:03pm              10:31pm          9:03pm